COVID-19 Coronavirus Precautions

We recognize the ongoing and increasing concerns regarding the Corona virus.  We are, like many employers and providers of services monitoring the situation daily.  At this time, we would like to remind our friends, families and patrons that the current flu virus has affected many more in the US than the Corona virus. 
Many of the precautions for the flu are the same for the Corona Virus. Providers of health care are recommending that we continue to wash our hands and increase that and the usage of hand sanitizer when we are out in public. Above all, they recommend that we stay calm and use common sense.
 As a reminder,  any time that you may have issues in paying your bills for our services we are open to working with you. We recognize that because of certain work stoppages,  some of our patrons may experience issues with employment at this time. During these times of economic difficulties we will continue to work with our customers when they call in to discuss payment arrangements. If you are experiencing such issues, please call our offices ahead of services being discontinued for non-payment.
Again, thank you for your patronage. 
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