Cyber Security Updates

Maybe you’ve gotten a new credit or debit card in the mail or heard something about the U.S. moving to the “Chip and Signature” or “Chip and PIN” standard. The U.S. is moving toward adopting these standards, and October 1st, 2015, is a major deadline for U.S. payment companies and merchants.

By 2017, the number of smartphone users in the U.S. is expected to surpass 200 million, nearly 65 percent of the population. Negotiating security in the face of an ever-growing implementation of mobile devices presents serious challenges for organizations.

Online sales are expected to be significant again this year.  How can you maximize your transaction security?

Mobile computing devices have become indispensable tools for today's highly mobile society. While increased productivity is a positive feature for any organization, the risks associated with mobile devices can be significant. Follow these tips to keep your device secure...