Phone Self Help Checklist

Checklist For Telephone Trouble

• Unplug all telephone equipment that also requires electricity to work (cordless phones, satellite dish, computers, answering machine, security system, etc.) Also check for cracks or worn places in your base cord.

• If your telephone has no problem now, plug the equipment in one at a time starting with a standard telephone because one bad telephone can cause every telephone to have trouble.

• If your telephone still has a problem, take a standard telephone to the NID and plug it into the test jack. The NID is a small box usually on or near the outside wall of your home. You may need a screwdriver to take the cover off the NID.
Please do not do this during a thunderstorm.

• If your telephone has no problem; the problem is in your house wire. You may call us or repair the problem yourself. If you have inside wire maintenance there may not be a service charge to you for the repair visit. If you have done some wiring for yourself, please make sure it has not been chewed by pets, is not cracked or frayed, and has not been exposed to the weather.

• If your telephone still does not have dial tone, please contact
Totah Communications, Inc. at

Inside wire maintenance is only $0.70 per month; this covers all of the wiring in your house, if it is done to code. This does not cover telephones. Telephone maintenance is available starting at $2.00 per month for one phone but this does not cover specialty phones.