Totah Communications Calling Features & Packages

Custom Calling Features:

Call Forwarding $1.00/month
Make sure everyone can reach you when you are away.   
Caller Identification $3.00/month
Know who is calling before you answer a call.
Distinctive Ring Service $5.00/month
Use your line to give your children a private phone number.
Per Line Block $3.00/month
Blocks your number from appearing on others caller ID.
Speed Dialing  
   (8 numbers) $1.00/month
  (30 numbers) $1.25/month
Set up to 30 different numbers with the ease of two-digit dialing.
Toll Restriction  
  Kansas $5.00/month
  Oklahoma $3.75/month
Control your telephone bill. Restricts long distance calling.
Voice Mail $3.95/month
Don't miss important messages while you are on the phone or Internet.
Warm Line/Alert Line $1.25/month
Allows your telephone to dial a set number if it is off hook for a set amount of time. This is great for Senior Citizens.


Phone Services: Monthly Price
Call Waiting $1.00
Cancel Call Waiting $2.50
Per Call Block N/C
Per Call Tracer $3.00
3 Way Calling $1.00
Advanced Services:  
Automatic Call Back $1.00
Automatic Recall $1.00
Anonymous Call Reject $2.00
Distinctive Call Waiting $2.00
Remote Activation of CFD $2.00
Selective Call Acceptance $2.00
Selective Call Forwarding $2.00
Selective Call Rejection $2.00
Group Packages:  
Combination of any 4 advanced services $5.00
Combination of any 5 advanced services $8.00
• Basic call waiting  
• Basic call forwarding  
• Per call cancel call  
• 3-way calling  
• 8 number speed dial  
• Per line I.D. blocking  
• Automatic call back  
• Automatic Recall  
Calling Feature Packages:
Group of 3 $4.00
Group of 4 $5.25
Group of 5 $6.25
Calling Features:  
• Basic Caller I.D. w/Name  
• Call Forwarding (Basic, Busy, Don’t Answer)
• Call Waiting  
• 3 Way Calling  
• Voice Mail  


A service connection charge of $5.00 applies to any/all features connected at the same time, subsequent to the initial service installation.

Other Services:
Telephone Rental - We will provide a telephone for you for a set amount per month.
Telephone Sales - We can provide the telephone you want. (Cordless, Multiline, Caller ID, Desk or Wall mountable, accessories, and Key or PBX systems).
Inside Wire Maintenance - An option where we maintain the existing wires in your home, providing the wiring is up to code.     $0.70/month
Conference Bridging -
Charges for 535-1234 Conference Bridging
• $20.00 Set up fee for first time users. $5.00 for each use after.
Charges for 1-866-202-5183 Conference Bridging
• $20.00 Set up fee each time they use service. With $0.08 per minute for each person on the conference call billed to the originator of the conference call.
Charges for Monthly Conference Bridge.
• $50.00 per month for unlimited use of the 535-1234.
• $75.00 per month for unlimited use of the 1-866-202-5183 with $0.08 per minute for the toll free service for each person on the conference call billed to the originator of the conference call.

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As always it is toll free from a Totah exchange.